Friday, April 23, 2010


 I love Sea Buckthorn.

While shopping for my groceries at my favorite natural food store,

I found a new product line.

I decided to try some.

I did some research.
I fell in love.

I have begun my Sea Buckthorn treatments.
Lovely face cream and the liquid suppliment tastes great.

My son called and told me all about the delicious healing power
I have now added a teaspoon of coconut oil to my morning coffee
 along with a cinnamon stick and rice milk.
I use a coconut face wash and I love toasted coconut
 in just about anything.
Some time ago I began using coconut crystals for my
sweetner needs.

The crystals are soft and dissolve quickly.
They do not have a coconut flavor.

Coconut milk is wonderful to steam vegetables in
and makes a nice sauce base.
I am head over heels wild for the good coconut.

My new favorite juice is wonderful as a sauce
or drizzled over lettuce.
Plus it is a perfect afternoon picker upper.

I also enjoy the Very Veggie juice blend R.W. Knudesen makes.
I use the low sodium one.
I like these juices.
 They come in glass bottles that I can recycle.
A glass of Very Veggie is delicious with a celery stick.

These berries looked very interesting.

I shall add them to my trail mix.
My research has sold me on their  health benefits.
As in all things moderation and balance is the key to good health.

A tablespoon a day has made a huge difference
 in my digestion.

I like to support companies that help the wildlife.

I spend lots of time reading when I shop.

I have become very picky about my food.
I am aware of different companies and their fair trade practices.

I use Surface hair products.
The Baba oil I use morning and night on my hair.
Just a tiny bit, pea size, is all I need.
Surface appears to be a wonderful company.
I use some Eminence skin care.
This is very nice firming cream I use on the spider veins on my legs.

I have fallen in love with the taste of fresh red beets

and red kale.

I keep falling in love.
Mother Nature keeps providing suitors.