Friday, April 23, 2010


 I love Sea Buckthorn.

While shopping for my groceries at my favorite natural food store,

I found a new product line.

I decided to try some.

I did some research.
I fell in love.

I have begun my Sea Buckthorn treatments.
Lovely face cream and the liquid suppliment tastes great.

My son called and told me all about the delicious healing power
I have now added a teaspoon of coconut oil to my morning coffee
 along with a cinnamon stick and rice milk.
I use a coconut face wash and I love toasted coconut
 in just about anything.
Some time ago I began using coconut crystals for my
sweetner needs.

The crystals are soft and dissolve quickly.
They do not have a coconut flavor.

Coconut milk is wonderful to steam vegetables in
and makes a nice sauce base.
I am head over heels wild for the good coconut.

My new favorite juice is wonderful as a sauce
or drizzled over lettuce.
Plus it is a perfect afternoon picker upper.

I also enjoy the Very Veggie juice blend R.W. Knudesen makes.
I use the low sodium one.
I like these juices.
 They come in glass bottles that I can recycle.
A glass of Very Veggie is delicious with a celery stick.

These berries looked very interesting.

I shall add them to my trail mix.
My research has sold me on their  health benefits.
As in all things moderation and balance is the key to good health.

A tablespoon a day has made a huge difference
 in my digestion.

I like to support companies that help the wildlife.

I spend lots of time reading when I shop.

I have become very picky about my food.
I am aware of different companies and their fair trade practices.

I use Surface hair products.
The Baba oil I use morning and night on my hair.
Just a tiny bit, pea size, is all I need.
Surface appears to be a wonderful company.
I use some Eminence skin care.
This is very nice firming cream I use on the spider veins on my legs.

I have fallen in love with the taste of fresh red beets

and red kale.

I keep falling in love.
Mother Nature keeps providing suitors. 


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

You are healthy, wealthy and wise! I use some of the products you list and others are new to me ... thanks for the introduction.

Amy said...

Did you see the PBS program a few nights on food choices? Michael Pollan was one of the presenters - we all need to be more aware of what we eat. Flash back to the 60's quote: "You are what you eat."

Those products look "yummy" - skin and nourishment - staying healthy is the goal!

Semi Permanent Make Up said...

Thanks for making me aware regarding these products. This is better collection.

marmee said...

wonderful choices...i think we were always supposed to be in love with the natural things. they are made by our Creator who knows us best.
reading the contents of our food has got to be just what we do these days...there are so many choices and we can make the better ones.
happy april, my friend.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....I to spend many hours shopping looking for the right products.
I love goji berries......also flax....I have both mixed with my homemade cereal in the morning.
You are so right....small amounts is best....lots of different tastes....lots of health giving foods.....

A lovely post, interesting and appetising.....

Face and hair products are wonderful......I use many that come from Prince Charles estate. He is an organic gardener and uses many essential oils in his products......

Anonymous said...

Will you post pictures of the lovely effects all those products are having on your person? ;~)

Anonymous said...

Nice to reconnect with you. i have not been blogging for awhile.
you always inspire me.

Naturegirl said...

Sherry love coconut anything!!All these health foods look interesting!Sea Buckthorn and those berries..worth trying!You always have the best health tips!
love and light anna xo

The Recycled Dove said...

Thanks for sharing all this wonderful knowledge.
Stop by and visit.


Lui said...

We call coconut oil VCO or short for virgin coconut oil. I give a teaspoon to my dogs too since they are senior dogs but they are so active! VCO is also good for insect bites, face and body moisturizer (they blend well), insect repellent, and also for those varicose veins!

rosehip oil wrinkles said...

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