Friday, September 26, 2008

Walkingstick and Hairstreaks

A Northern Walkingstick
came home with me today.
He found a comfortable resting spot on the mums.

I saw him in the grass by the roadway
when I was walking.
I was concerned he would be harmed.
I was thrilled to have him as a garden guest.

The asters are in bloom in the woods.
The Gray Hairstreaks were enjoying them.

The gray Hairstreak is the only Hairstreak
in my area, that opens their wings while at rest.

I am going back outside to spend some time with
It has been years since I have seen one.


marmee said...

lovely fellow your walking stick. i have rescued a few this summer as well and hope they are happily eating away in my wildflower garden.
i have never seen or heard of hairstreaks...i am partial to grey and he is striking.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Thank you for walking with me today.
I am very excited about the Walkingstick! I have wanted to see one all summer.
The Hairstreaks are tiny little butterflies. Very pretty too. Their grey and orange is nice.

walk2write said...

You mean hairstreaks (gray strands) are beautiful? Of course they are! My husband and I were walking at the local park a few days ago, and he noticed the walking stick that I almost stepped on. Another great sin I committed? I forgot to bring my camera on the walk that day. You have lightened my guilt burden with your breathtaking photos!

Q said...

Dear Walk2Write,
My hairstreaks are gray and natural. Soon the hairstreaks will take over.
All summer I have been telling my husband I am looking for a Walkingstick. We will be hiking and I remind him to, "keep an eye out for the Walkingstick." Much joy yesterday when I spied Walkingstick in the grass. A stick was near by so I encouraged walking stick to climb on and come to my gardens. I was walking with a walkingstick. I almost cried from the sheer joy of it!
Back home I put walkingstick on the mums. He seemed to be happy there. They are very cool bugs.
Thank you for sharing walkingstick
story. I am smitten with the walkingstick. Perhaps others will share their story of time spent with a Walkingstick.