Saturday, February 19, 2011


Happy Birthday to all those born under the sign of Pisces.
This is your time.

Learning about the different signs of the Zodiac is very fun.
I am a little more connected to my family and friends as I understand a bit of their nature.

The stories of the Zodiac fascinate me.
I am a sky watcher.
Just knowing there are other Galaxies in my night sky fills me with awe. We live in an awesome universe.

The imaginations of those that mapped the ancient
night sky is also awesome.

The art of Pisces

is extraordinary.

Pisces is my time
to look towards the Angels.

I have Angels as my
archetype in Pisces.
This year I am studying
the Archangels.

This year I am taking notes as I read.
I am looking for understanding.

I am looking for the different ways
the Angels help me in
my connection to the divine.

I recommit to my day,
to the Elegant Way.

Each morning is another day to love.
Each day another day
to notice the Wabi Sabi in my life.
Each day I will give thanks to my Mother
and my childhood.
My Mother taught me about the Angels.
My childhood church
had the most amazing stained glass

This year, in Pisces, the 12th House,
I shall be looking for Angels.
I shall visit my childhood church.
I shall bring my camera.
This year I shall walk with the Angels.

May these end of Winter days bring hope
to you and yours.
May you also walk with the Angels.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, such a beautiful post. My eyes are filled with tears......I found the words so moving.
I have always believed in angels.
I have friends who are angels in disguise.

I am a Pisces......they say that Pisceans never know which way to turn. We go one way, and something pulls us back, we then go in a different direction.
I have found this to be true. Fortunately I live with a man who knows which direction to take, so he keeps me stable.....

I so enjoyed this post, I am going to take a moment to read it again......

Boopathy said...

i always love jesus