Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lilac Time

It is Lilac time.

Their scent is intoxicating.
Their branches gracefully sway in the breeze.

The Lilac is a romantic shrub. She is gracious and undemanding.
She is generous in her gifts. For two weeks every Spring, Lilacs fill my home and heart with joy.

This year for Lilac time I am learning about the genus Syringa.
I am learning about the history of this elegant shrub.
I am reading a classic story that some how slipped by me.

We walked in the woods near by this afternoon.
The Redbuds are at peak bloom.

The bumbles bees

are native pollinators.

Dragonflies are mating and laying eggs.

It seems early yet the Lilacs are in bloom.

The moon is waxing. Soon it will be time to plant warm season crops.

The Honey Bees are gathering pollen.

I am busy recording the bloom times of the Lilacs.
I let phenology and the moon guide my planting.
We are in the first bloom, when 50% of the flower clusters have at least one flower open.
I am watching for full bloom so I can harvest some flowers for my salads and teas. I will dry as many as I can for winter tea.
When the Lilacs are in full bloom it is a good time to plant warm
weather plants such as beans and cucumbers. I will wait for the Full Moon and full Lilac bloom.


Unknown said...

Lovely post - beautiful lilacs! I can almost smell them...

Unknown said...

What a lot of interesting information, Sherry. Thank you. I somehow missed "under the lilacs" too. I guess we all read "little women".

We have our lilac time in May, never in April, so it's nice to see yours in bloom.

I too would like to plant in the waxing moon. It's too early here yet, but I will be sowing some grass seed next week.

Mac n' Janet said...

I absolutely love lilacs and they won't grow here, no, let me rephrase that, they'll grow here they won't bloom here. I have one and it's had one bloom in 5 years. Yours is beautiful!

Tammie Lee said...

oh my, your spring is so far ahead of ours! I woke to 1 1/2" of snow! Had to take a walk to enjoy it. I love lilacs... and your photos share their beauty. Lovely spring to you~