Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Indigo Bunting has come each morning to the bird bath.
Slowly I am building a relationship with him.

The Downy Woodpeckers have youngsters coming to the feeders.
They will be year around residents.

The Rose- breasted Grosbeaks continue to bring much joy.
They will stay a little while longer before heading north.
I hope the will return next year.
The Northern Cardinals have learned to eat grapes.

The Cat Bird
and the Orioles taught the Cardinals how tasty they are.

It was too warm today.

A fresh southernly breeze
brought humid hot air into the midwest.

Even the Blue- tailed skink took cover from the sun.

The Painted Daisies and

the Peonies are beginning to bloom.

Storms are brewing.


Judy said...

I love that photo of the cardinal!!!

María José said...

Lovely pictures for a gorgeous blog.
My best regards!
María José

Blue bird said...

Thanks for your note to my blog! It's a shame that 2 weeks I was not able to blog.
I enjoy your fantastic photos!Like to borrow that Blue bird for my portrait! :))))))))

Tammie Lee said...

oh peonies, I do love them.
these are wonderful relationships to nourish~

Vetsy said...

I like what you put down as your occupation..."enjoying life" I like that!

The photo of the birds are lovely. I enjoy birds and try to do what I can to keep them happy when they visit my yard.

My birdie residents are Goldfinches, Chickadee's and Cardinals.

trashmaster46 said...

Neat photos! We don't have some of those birds here on the West Coast, so I appreciate you sharing them :)

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