Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat wave

The cicadas have grown this past week.
I hear them singing in the middle of the day.

My little caterpillar is also growing.

The Mason Bees do not seem to mind the 100 degrees.

The Sunflowers are loving the heat.

We had to protect the sunflowers.
Deer were eating them up.

I am inside on these hot afternoons.

I am sewing and reading
and following my breath.


Wendy said...

Oh the breath is very powerful indeed. When I was swimming with dolphins, we learned to breathe from the belly, like the dolphins do. It's a beautiful technique to calm the soul.

Love your pics, as always. They seem to come alive and almost jump off the page.

Blue bird said...

Dear Sherry your photos are so beautiful, that I am really wondering: how do you creat these faboulus pictures?
It' s a great pleasure to see your blog and thank you for sharing. Love: Julia/Blue bird :)

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Many years ago I used to visit an elderly lady. We used to do breathing exercises together.
I remember her telling me how important it is to breath properly.
She has passed away. Each time I stand in the garden and breath deeply I think of her.....

Beautiful images of the insects....hot summer days, days to remember as the night draws in and the winter months are knocking at the door.

sarah said...

Hi, Sherry.
It's nice to know your blog.
I was amazed that your photos are very lovely,clear.
Cicadas,caterpillar,bees,sunflower are in our garden but I couldn't think to take them like this.
Is it abdominal breathing,I wonder?
If so, When I sing a song I try to do it, but it's a little bit difficult for me.
Thank you for sharing beautiful potos.
Have a great day.