Tuesday, December 13, 2011

St. Lucia Day

In Sweden the Christmas Holiday begins on December 13th,
 St. Lucia Day.

I have been reading about St. Lucia today.
I have been learning her story and how her day is celebrated.
Gingerbread is part of the celebration as is a lovely bread that is
served in the morning.
Making gluten free gingerbread is on my list to do.
We had thought we would bake some today but
after we baked our yeast bread we decided to do up
the gingerbread another time.
Our bread turned out great.
It rained all day. I looked back at the photographs from last December 13th and saw we had snow.

It is so pretty when it snows.

I am wishing for snow.

I want to go walking in the snow.


SweetWilliamNow said...

Nice bird images!

origa-me said...

It is nice when we can find some joy in ageing, a discount for over 55's sounds like a good deal to me. I love thrifting, don't do it so much now though.
Your birds are wonderful,much more civilized than the cheeky magpies who come into my family room to steal the dog food and poop all over the floor! :(
Counting down to Christmas with you Sherry!

Kathleen Maunder said...

I am wishing for snow too!

Everything Changes said...

We had snow in the valley over the weekend, but it didn't get out as far east as we are. :-( Channel 7 news from LA even came up to get the scoop of the promise of a lot more snow (which of course never happened!). But my daughter-in-law's sister got to be interviewed in her CA parka--her 5 sec. of fame!

sarah said...

I didn't know about St.Lucia Day. It's suitable to cerebrate on around the winter solstice for Scandinavian countries have long nights around now. Incidentally,in Japan, tomorrow's sunrise time is 6:58 and the sunset time is 16:49 so the night time is 14hours and 9minutes. How about in Scandinavian countries, I wonder?

Angie said...

I am a snow girl---from birth :D Warm, sunny days in mid-December just feel strange to me---I go back to my childhood when Decembers were cold, and snowy and dark, and comforting...

Giga said...

Dziękuję, że się dowiedziałam kiedy rozpoczynacie Święta Bożego Narodzenia. Pierniki jeszcze zdążysz upiec :-).Ptaszki są śliczne, a za śniegiem też tęsknie.Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za miłe odwiedziny.

Thank you, I learned that when you begin the Christmas. Wait too long to bake gingerbread yet :-). Birds are beautiful, and a yearning for snow. I greet and thank you for your kind visit.

Cloudia said...

how lovely!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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< ° ) } } > <

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Thanks for stopping by http://smartypantsfun.com/
Following you back!

Mersea said...

Your photos are lovely! And yeah for discounts for still young 55 yr olds!

kevin21 said...

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GadgetDealers.com said...

Nice Photos.

Patricia Lichen said...

Gracious, your blog seems to have been discovered by salesmen--"but achieves this goal the method"!

Ah well, never mind. What lovely photos. One more year for me and I join the 55 yr old crowd. Will be looking for the bargains...