Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pond Watch

After much debating we have decided to call
this dragonfly a Yellow-sided Skimmer.
It is the only yellow thorax and blue tail dragonfly
in my field guide.

We watched male Common Whitetails patrol

and female Common Whitetails laying eggs.

Many Bluets were perching 
and catching mosquitoes.

It is always delightful to see
 the damselflies mating.

Not as many butterflies this week.

This  Gray Hairstreak is fading.

The Snouts seem to like the wood mulch
that is on the trails.

We saw a few more turtles this week.

A large turtle was sunning
at the end of a the path near the water.

Yellow Flag is still in bloom.

I found an Orange Sulphur
 on the sidewalk while walking back home.

I picked her up by her shoulders and turned her upside down.
It is calming for a butterfly to turn upside down.
She seem stunned, as if she had just missed being hit by a car.
I found a sweet pincushion flower in the fig garden 
for her to recoup on.
She was fine in a few minutes.
It was 85 degrees with a northeasterly wind
 of 8-10 mph.
A gentle breeze for pond watch.


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kirstallcreatures said...

Super sightings especially the male Common White Tail and the Orange Sulphur

Everything Changes said...

Pretty, and the damselflies are soooo blue!

sarah said...

Your photos are very beautiful as usual. The 4th picture is nice capture at the critical moment.
Thank you for sharing rare dragonflys for me.

turnip seeds said...

Nature has so much to offer. Amazing!