Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I replanted the shasta daisies.
I chose Becky this time.
She makes me smile.

I enjoy finding the patterns in nature.

It was too hot today for Pond Watch.
After my morning watering I went inside.
It was just too hot and windy to be outside.

I am doing up pots of zinnias for July gifting and decorating.
The zinnias sprout in just a couple of days.
These are easy and fun to do up.
I am up early now and rest in the afternoons.

The butterflies also rest during the heat of the day.

Once again I have a stack of books to read.

At dusk I will go outside again to watch
the dance of the Fireflies.
It is Summer time and it is hot.


Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry,

Today was warm, around 70F....
it was a pleasant day.

You are wise to rest in the heat....so is the butterfly.

Your garden will be such a picture if all your plans come into being .......

SweetWilliamNow said...

Nice pix, as always. I like shasta daisy.

Anne Higgins said...

Very hot here today -- 99, with high humidity. My garden seems to like it, though.

My Shasta Daisies don't get enough sun; they get leggy, and don't bloom too much, and get terribly beaten down by the rain. But I still welcome them in my garden.

I love your blog!

Best wishes from Anne

Wendy said...

Very hot here too - in the 90's!!! I stayed indoors all day.
Your daisy looks so happy. I like zinnias too and now I understand why the teaches chose zinnias for us school children to plant - they sprout fast.

Oh, I miss the fireflies! In my home in the country, I'd see them all the time on my evening walks. Here in the suburbs, I haven't seen any. Mind you, the lake is full of water fowl and that's nice.
Keep cool.

sarah said...

We are in the rainy season called "tuyu" now. As the temperature is low, it's easy to live. But sometime a flood attack villages among mountains. I wish flood damages don't happen this year.
It's nice to be able to see fireflies around you. I always think in this season that I will go to see them but it's not yet.

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