Friday, May 25, 2007

Moon shine

I am watching the fireflies and the moon.
Quietly I know summer is near.
It is cool still.
I have my sweater and my socks.
Tonight I sit in the beauty of the twilight.
Soon I will go walking.
I am waiting for the fireflies to finish.
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smilnsigh said...

Mmmm.... you have fireflies already. :-))))

But here, when we have fireflies, I have to watch them from inside a screen. For the mosquitoes simply *love* me. -sigh-

But I do so love that time of year, when it's really hazy warm Summer and the fireflies {really faeries} come out at dusk.


Sprite said...

to sit under this moon is a magical thing indeed.

to walk under the moon, with it's offer to dimly light your path brings even more beauty into the twilight.

oh! and fireflies...


how lovely life is~


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I was very excited to see fireflies again. They are Faeries!
My Husband says that too.
I am a twilight sort of person. I like the songs of the summer bugs.
I think I love all of it, every season and every day.

Q said...

Dear Kat,
Life is lovely. I like shadows. I like all the winged creatures and the four legged. I love the moon at every phase and the sun and all the stars.....
Sharing here with you and Mari-Nanci is magical too!
Thank you,

Sprite said...


Yes, enjoy our sharings too.

thank you dear heart!