Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No excuses

It has been a week since I walked.
I think the rain and cold kept me indoors.

This afternoon the wind shifted to the south.
The clouds broke up and the sun peeked out.

I put on my walking shoes and took off for Cave Springs,
the little wooded area near my house.

Near the entrance to the nature center a garden is planted.
I was amazed to see an iris blooming.
It has been well below freezing at night.

I walked for an hour.
It felt so good!


TC said...

The iris must be livin in a microclimate. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know that feeling of looking outside and knowing you need to just take a walk. Had that feeling today, if I remember the last time I walk was last Fri. Since then I have dealling with annoying cough. However, I said hell with the weather and just took a walk. It felt so damn good too!

marmee said...

you will i see i went walking too. i love having the time to make it a stroll and photog moment. love your sights on the way. that iris is perfect.

Q said...

Dear TC,
I was so shocked when I saw an iris in bloom, here in November. It has been cold, lows in the upper 20's! The warm up must have brought a bloom on!
I too think a microclimate.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Glad you too were able to go walking. It does feel good. Today, Friday, the wind is fierce...I did not go walking...
Maybe tomorrow...

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I enjoyed your walk with your husband. You live on a beautiful piece of land.
I like to be out taking pictures and getting some fresh air. Moving the body feels good too.