Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I welcome Virgo into my life.
She is the last of the summer signs.

The Orchid is my flower
for Virgo.

I began my journal.

Like a sleeping Skipper
and a Monarch chrysalis
I too am in transition.

The Painted Lady is my butterfly
for Virgo.
This one looks as if it had an
encounter with a bird's beak!

Rosemary is my herb

red and yellow are my colors.

I am learning about Virgo.

I am learning about signs and symbols.

I am celebrating my archetypes.
May the stars of Virgo
 shine brightly for you.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, delightful and inspirational post.
Little Poppi is a mother in law also. They are my opposite sign....I love them dearly.

Poppi's favourite herb is Rosemary....
She told me today her 'green energy' is running low. On Wednesday we are making a trip to top up her reserves before she starts school. I hope to post sometime later. She is a darling......

I signed re: seed bank. Tku for bringing this to my attention, I am grateful.

Have a happy and peaceful week.

Judy said...

I read somewhere about a girl who made monarch chrysalises into earrings, till they were ready to hatch...

marmee said...

dear sherry,

i am a virgo and this is my time of the year to shine. i love fall and it starts on my bday this year. i don't necessarily follow the signs but i enjoy hearing how you will incorporate it into your life. love the images you chose.
happy september.

Wendy said...

My father was a virgo. His birthday at the end of August. A time of harvest and the beginning of fall transition, as the nights are cooler and the light less and less.
I like rosemary too. It smells so good. And your choice of pics as well.

TC said...

Happy birthday time Ms. Sherry. I'm sorry for not visiting in so long. As always, your posts and pictures are beautifully simplistic and sweetly spiritual.

gohan said...

great work. nice done with the pictures!

Kung said...

Wow those are some amazing picture's