Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Life for me is about relationships.

It is an honor to know Wendy Willow.
It is an honor to call her friend.
When her book arrived I was so pleased.
I felt proud of her. She is a published author.
Congratulations to her.
I am happy the world can get to know her too.
I will savor every word.
I am finding ways to love Summer.

This morning I remembered the luffa my friend
 had grown and given to me.
I sliced some off and made up a few nectar pots with sugar water for the butterflies and bees.
That was fun!

I do not see my friend anymore but I send her blessings
 when I think of her and her kindnesses.
I miss her and understand people change.
I understand relationships change.

I filled all the puddlers with water.
I gather together in groups of three.
It is a magic number for me.

I noticed how the maturing mantis blend in.
She does not have her wings yet.

This very tiny young one is just beginning to turn green.

The mint feeds so many bugs.
I love watching all the different ones come and nectar.

I went looking for butterflies and found them resting in the shade.
It was too hot to be out in the sun.

Our forecast is for temperatures to rise
 to 109 F.
I heard the hottest it has ever been in my area
was 120 F.
Hot is hot.

I thought about warm waters and Sea Dragons.

I do love them.
Amazing how they blend in.

I am listening to Flamenco.

I am learning about this passionate music
and those who carry this music in their hearts.

The history of Flamenco touches my soul.

I asked my husband if I could photograph his hands.
I love his hands. I love holding them.
I wish I had photographs of my Mom and Dad's hands.
I think they tell a person's story.
My husband has hard working hands.

When we were first married we bought a mobil.
It hung in our apartment.

In the Summertime we turned our fan on
 and the hands would dance.
We had a song they danced to.
Today my husband has the hands dancing in his office.

We have always loved the Moon.
The Waxing Crescent is my favorite.
In August it is the Jewel Wing Crescent.

We have always celebrated August.

I am in relationship with hands, the Roma, the Moon
and my friend Wendy.

It is the Dance of the Hands that holds my heart.


sarah said...

Hello, Sherry.
Thank you for visiting and commenting and becoming a follower.
Butterflies of your photos are very beautiful.
I found cicada's eclosion in your blog. You encountered he was just coming out. In my case I could not watch that scene.
Thank you for sharing nice feeling.
Stay cool!

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry,
Thank you so much posting about my book.I am honoured! I hope you enjoy reading it.

Your dear husband does have hard-working hands and he is a generous soul. That I can see by the slope of his thumb, and the straight lines reaching from his thumb across his line of life. You are well suited.

The number three is a magic number for me too. I've always been drawn to it, even as a child. "Pick a number", we would say as children and I always picked "3".

Seahorses too! Just love them. They are so tiny, yet powerful, like hummingbirds.

I did not know luffas were grown! I don't think I even thought about where they came from. That's very interesting, I'll check that out. My mother always had a luffa on the side of the bathtub for scrubbing toes, I think.

It is hot! Here too, although today it will be cooler.
Thank you once again, dear friend for your kindness. Enjoy your gardens, butterflies and bugs.
Stay cool.

Tammie Lee said...

your friends book looks wonderful. and the luffa candy, what an enticing gift. so lovely to see all that captures and inspires your heart.
Lovely summer week to you~

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

My mother reads palms.....it used to worry my friends (she always knew too much) :)
I know my life story before it is over........hands are interesting.

Your husband has hard working hands....I also. I love my hands.....they tell my story.

Wendy has done so very well.
I am proud of her also.
Her journey begins.......

My lucky number is seven.....always has been.

Unknown said...

I love your nature photography!

Blue bird said...

"Walking in Beauty" truly is your blog of exceptional value and I am happy that I found it.
Everything is just so nice it is a pleasure among my evening readings. Thank you, it is a gift from you.