Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Berries and camouflage

The Pokeberries are ripening.

We have a large bush by the deck.

The birds are having a feast.

We left some of the spent Queen Anne's Lace.
The Dragonflies like perching spots. 

This Praying Mantis has grown up
 in the Queen's Anne's Lace.

She is well camouflaged.
I leave lots of the summer stalks.
They will add interest to the gardens this winter.

Thank goodness caterpillars are not Mantis food.


ME said...

Once again, beautiful photographs.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Indeed, thank goodness.

I watched a wasp walk past a beautiful moth the other day. They were on the wall beside my front door. I was so relieved......

It is lovely to watch the birds feed on the berries, isn't it.
I never cut my garden back until the Spring arrives. It sometimes looks a mess but I would rather give the wildlife cover and leave the seeds for the birds.

Cheryl said...

Forgot to mention that young mantis and Queen Anne's lace...lovely combination.

sarah said...

Hi, Sherry.
Thank you for beautiful photos.
In my garden,there are not something berry for birds now, but soon some kind of berries will ripen. I am looking forward to their visit.
A mantis is good at hiding. Sometimes I am surprised, finding them in plants.
Have a great time.

Vetsy said...

Sherry I Love the photos very nice.

I have taken to leaving some of my plants up as well so that birds and others can feed from them.

I'm glad to learn that the Mantis doesn't find young monarchs tasty.

I really find it odd that they will eat Hummingbirds...Eeeek! I did a post on it earlier in the summer.

Dawn Fine said...

Beautiful photos of cool critters.

Wendy said...

Lovely photos. I am in awe of you capturing a bird with berry in its mouth. You must have had a split second in which to take its pic!

The mantis has grown up indeed and Queen Anne's lace is better left up, in my opinion.

katlupe said...

What beautiful photos! You really have a talent there. I enjoyed them and am glad I browsed blogs today.

Matti said...

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oreojinx said...

I recently discovered TYWKIWDBI and every day I look for something new to learn or marvel at or find amusing . This collection of photographs has stirred me,for I am a lover of flowers and insects and the life I see out in my yard every day. Thank you !