Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monarch Days

Our gardens are full of Monarch butterflies.

Inside we watched as the Monarch caterpillar
 made her "J" and
her chrysalis.
 It will be 10 days before she emerges.

I counted one dozen Monarchs this afternoon in the gardens.

They are preparing for migration.

It is exciting to watch them.

Red Spotted Purple was also in the back Butterfly Bush
as was the female Tiger in her black form.
She takes my breath away every time I see her.

I am spending these end of summer days
 with the butterflies.
I watch the bees
and the caterpillars.

Autumn is coming.


Wendy said...

Your photos are so vivid! I am envious of your monarchs. Ours are gone. I wish I could watch the migration.
One day.


Patrick's Garden said...

Greetings from Merriam,
Your pix are so crisp. It is amazing from that alien looking pod comes something of such beauty.

Becky said...

You do beautiful butterfly photography and bird photography too! Clearly we love a lot of the same things.

sarah said...

Your garden has many butterflies.They are fresh like just after their birth. Your macro catches a caterpillar and a chrysalis very beautiful. It's like a scoop.

Anonymous said...

These are *really* good pictures!!! You have a natural talent for taking photos

weekly gossips said...

i like buterfly....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful shots! What a lovely study of butterflys.

Lúcia Debom said...

Tudo muito lindo demais.Bjss!!!

Vetsy said...

Sherry how beautiful, and how lucky you are to have such lovely butterflies visit your garden. You are surely and expert at attracting these beauties.

ME said...

BEAUTIFUL photographs!

Anonymous said...

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CNO NATURA said...

these are beautiful wonders