Friday, March 30, 2012

Dancing as fast as she can

Spring is dancing as fast as she can.

I am chasing after her.

When I saw the female Tiger Swallowtail in her
black form my heart sang out,
 "Welcome dear friend. I have missed you."

The Black Swallowtail is already laying eggs.
  I left the fennel for hosting her caterpillars.

 The miracle continues.

All of Spring has bloomed at once.
I check in the morning to see what bloomed over night.
I check in the afternoon to see what is faded.
The Chamomile could open this afternoon.

The Garden Rue is a host plant for the Giant Swallowtail.
It stayed green all winter.

The Bridal Wreath Spirea is beginning to bloom.
I cut a few branches for the house.
The Rhododendron is out pacing the azaleas.
The Scottish once called the last days of March as borrowed days.
I think these March days are borrowed from June.
Highs this weekend are to be in the upper 80's.
The peonies could bloom.
I am dancing as fast as I can trying to keep up with Spring.


Ms. said...

Just wow and wowie wow! Absolutely beautiful shots....

Cathy said...

Enjoy your photos! I'm getting a little winter tomorrow and hopefully that's the last of it!

SweetWilliamNow said...

Some peonies are 'bout to bloom here in east tennesse.

Kathleen Maunder said...

I love your butterfly photos. It is so much colder here right now. :( I just have to be patient. :)

Caribou said...

Wow! You are really deep into spring. Beautiful pictures.

Angie said...

Spring has been one breathtaking burst of beauty this year!

Vetsy said...

I love it and I'm trying to keep up with springs dance too! Lovely photos.

onion seeds said...

I rarely see them on parks, but this area is full of them.

Dorothy Borders said...

Lovely photography and lovely text. It is always a pleasure to welcome the butterflies to the garden. Beautiful tiger swallowtail!