Tuesday, July 31, 2012

101..102..when will it end?

Once again the temperatures have broken the 100 degree mark.
Still no rain. Calm winds. No relief today.

I watched the butterflies from inside.
It is too hot for me to be outside.

The corn crop is gone.

My corn husk dollies remind me to send blessings to the farmers.

It is the last day of the month.
 It is market day.

Our son sent a gift.
He knows I water everyday.
Now I can have dechlorinated water for the entire garden.

It is one of my best practices.

Surely August will bring relief.


Giga said...

Ciepło lubię, ale takich upałów zdecydowanie nie. Motyl jest cudny. Pozdrawiam.
I like heat, but definitely not such hot weather. The butterfly is beautiful. Yours.

Dorothy Borders said...

That embroidery so reminds me of a piece that I have from a beloved aunt of long, long ago. I need to look it out and have it framed as a remembrance of her.

I hope you get a break in the weather with some rain soon. Having been through terrible drought and heat during the last two summers, I can certainly appreciate what you and your garden are going through.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Brilliant butterfly photos, did you take them through your window? If so, they are all the more amazing. Hope you all have good soaking rain very soon.

Everything Changes said...

Beautiful pics. Hope you get the rain you need!

jennifer anderson said...

the heat wve causing a new surge n blogging

sarah said...

Your butterflies are very beautiful as usual.
We are in the highest temperature in a year so we also want rain not heavy rain.
As hot days continue,I sometimes swim at a pool of my sport club. It's so cool.
Have a lovely week!

ann said...

Thank you for kind remarks that you left at the Garden Spot. I do hope to see you again. I love your butterfly and bird photography. Sensational.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures and dialog is very calm and thanks for the beauty. What people don't understand is when we don't have snow or rain in its season; that our water supply is running low. And we need water for everything!