Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Please to have rain

It is very dry.
The sunflowers are going to seed.

The Gold Finches are pleased.

I am not deadheading until it rains.

The coneflowers continue to bloom.

I planted cotton seed for October decorating.
I hope it sprouts and grows well.

We are planting our Autumn gardens.

Planting for October's harvest.

We are replanting sunflowers.
The ground hog ate many.

Our rocks have one more week of
I am very excited!

It is still hot,
90's instead of 100's.
Still we have had no rain.


Ms. said...

Ouch--let it rain--but oh so beautiful anyway--I had no idea quinoa was so colorful!

ann said...

We finally had rain. Good rain. The garden and the pasture loved it. Hope you have rain soon, too. Great photos. Love the gold finch.

Ruth said...

Quinoa is a great Idea! I never thought of planting it, and it looks so beautiful. I might just follow suit :-)

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

While your blooms dry, mine are so wet many hang limp with moisture.
I found several dead bees amongst the blooms yesterday. I have some in the shed this morning....I am giving them honey. Sometimes they recover when they can take honey....
Difficult times for you, difficult times for me.....blessings to your garden.

I look forward to seeing your rocks :)

Quinoa is very beautiful.....it is a very healthy grain and such a pretty flower.

Everything Changes said...

Beautiful bird!

Giga said...

No to piękna zięba ma ucztę, a motyl też jest śliczny. Pozdrawiam.
No finch is a beautiful feast, and a butterfly is beautiful. Yours.

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Emily Brisse said...

No rain here either. *sigh* Lightening out in the distance last night, but it proved to be for us a tease. Beautiful photos here, though! :)

Wendy said...

Oh those naughty groundhogs! I hope you can replant some of your flowers.
That finch looks so perky on the sunflower.
We are also have a hot and dry summer. Water levels are at an all time low.
Keep cool

sarah said...

Our place is now rainy season called Tuyu in japanese. But due to the heavy rain, landslide killed 20 people in one region so far. So sad.
I wish you have nice rain soon.

Blue bird said...

It's OK here on Long Island N.Y. The usual 3 H ( Hazy, Hot and Humid) is dominating the days. With little rain the dry is out and though very hot the vegetation is surviving. The heat will go after next week.
Enjoy anyway the Summer.

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