Monday, June 9, 2008

After the rain

Another thunderstorm overnight
left us with two inches of rain.

I walked to the woods
after the rains stopped this morning.

We have been in a weather pattern
of severe thundershowers these past few weeks.
The ground does not have a chance to dry between weather events.
Standing water by the sidewalk was pretty but I know flooding is a problem for many.

A volunteer Catalpa tree is in bloom near the sidewalk.

It is a gorgeous tree.
It is also known as the Indian Bean tree.


ICQB said...

Gorgeous pictures! We've been having hot,sunny, and humid weather until last night when the storms blew in. No hauling the garden hose out to the garden today! It got plenty of rain last night.

Q said...

Dear Icqb,
Glad Mother did the watering for you! I never like watering.
We have been cool and wet!
The humidity will come soon as Kansas City is always hot and humid in the summer.
I am enjoying getting to know you. I enjoyed reading the beginning of your story. Hope you write more and post part two!