Monday, June 2, 2008

Commitment to walking

I made a commitment to walking last summer.
I renew my commitment each month.
In June I would like to walk 40 minutes a day.
I think 20 minutes in the morning
and another 20 at twilight would be best.

My camera and telephoto lens weighs ten pounds.
Today I added one pound wrist weights.
I am gaining strength.

My neighbor's Southern Magnolia is blooming.

I will walk this way again tomorrow and take more pictures.

Down the hill I saw a Smoke Tree was in bloom.
My tree book says it is native to south-eastern United States but is becoming rare due to exploitation for an orange-red dry extracted from its wood.
I am glad my neighbor has one growing in her yard.


ICQB said...

What stunnng pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Q said...

Dear Icqb,
I need to walk at least three times a week. If I try for every day I hope to make my week's need of two hours.
Thank you for walking with.
I post about my gardens and birds and butterflies on Q's Corner. Stop by there too sometime. I just began the lavender harvest.

ICQB said...

Hi q,
I will go take a look at Q's corner. There is a farm not far away where they grow their own lavendar and make their own soaps with it. The soaps are heavenly, but expensive. I sent a cake of it to my mother for Mother's Day. She set it on her table for a few days because it made her house smell so good.

I have a dog to encourage me to get out and walk. We walk in the park next door. I always see wonderful things on our walkies.

Q said...

Dear Icqb,
Lavender soaps are heavenly!
I too love the handmade ones. Being close to a lavender farm would be ideal. I have my little hedge and love each stem.
Cheryl was telling me, over on Ayurveda Way blog, she also has dogs. She walks them each day which helps her stay alert!
It is very easy for me to become involved with reading or messing around in my gardens and forget to walk. I read two 20 minute walks were better than one 40. When I do walk twice a day I feel so good.
I started this blog to help me walk each me learn to age gracefully. It is amazing all we can see on our daily walk if we just stay open. I am grateful you are walking with me.
Thank you,