Monday, March 10, 2008

In the neighborhood

My neighbor's Magnolia tree is setting buds.

In my area this ornamental tree is called,
"The Tulip Tree".

Often the trees will bloom too early.
We will see what happens this spring.

My other neighbor has a large Southern Magnolia Tree.
This tree usually blooms in late spring, long after danger of frost.

It was nice to see the oak tree has it's protector!

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Chrissie said...

I'm sorry I can't see these pics, Sherry. It may be me. Our magnolia is also coming out in bud, they may be blown away before they open or be damaged by the wind. Often we find the tree is at its best for such a short time, strong winds in April and May can also do a lot of damage to blossom. Enjoy your neighbours tree :-)