Sunday, March 2, 2008


Mockingbird teaches me
to sing my own sacred song.

Mockingbird is not afraid.
Mockingbird reminds me to sing out and to share my song.

Knowing my life purpose and sharing my talents means my life is rewarding.
Mockingbird has taught me to follow my inner wisdom.

Mockingbird is my friend.

I am grateful Mockingbird lives in my backyard.


Deb said...

Mockingbird is a wonderfully proud looking bird isn't he. Lovely long tail feathers. What a nice friend to have in the garden.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Mockingbird is a doll. I just saw his mate come in this morning. I am thrilled to think they will nest near by and bring the young this spring to the raisins. Last year they had two offspring and I enjoyed watching the parents teach the little ones. They needed lots of raisins too before the bugs were plentiful. The late frost last year was hard on the bugs as well as the plants.
I do enjoy Mr. Mockingbird.

A wildlife gardener said...

We don't have mockingbirds but I can see his beauty from your lovely photographs. The bird which is present all year round in our garden is the Robin Redbreast. He has several songs. I find him spiritual. He makes me think of the words from Scripture, 'I will never leave you, nor forsake you.'

Q said...

Dear wildlife Gardener,
The Mockingbird reminds me of your Nightingale. Your Robin Redbreast is very different from the American Robin. I have only seen pictures of your Robins but they look to be so sweet and friendly.
I have learned so very much form Nature. I too feel the call of spirit when I am with the birds.