Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Dream

I dreamed...

I was sitting at a dressing table, with my own face in the mirror.
I could see a room in the reflection that was not my current house.
My hands were folded on my lap. I had some sort of dress on with lace and satin, dark in color.
Someone was brushing my hair. I could not see her.
I watched in the mirror as my hair was braided and twisted. Up and up my hair went on top of my head. Little pins that glittered were stuck here and there.

I awoke with the desire to play with my hair.
Like when I was a teenage girl I gathered my hair things and began playing.
I brushed and combed, parted and braided. Up, up went my hair.

I added sprigs of lavender to my "do."


Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

What a lovely dream!

In recent weeks, I have had the experience of someone else washing my hair. Memories flooding into my heart of when I was young, and my beloved sister used to wash my hair came back to me. The feelings of comfort and peace were palpable. Even now as I think of this I sigh with an open heart.

Recently, I went out to see my lavender in my garden, it’s beauty brought tears to my eyes. I ran my fingers through the lavender like running fingers through my hair. I love to smell the natural lavender oils on my hands after doing this. It’s spirit sings through it’s scent.

It brings me happiness to think of this moment and to be present in it.

Thank you for the offering of your dream and experience, to bring more fullness to my own experience.

Love and Gratitude~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Years ago I kept a drean journal. I would write my dreams down each morning and try to find ways to "learn" from my dreams.
Now my dreams are easy to learn from. I want to care for my body in a beautiful way.
I have a dear friend who once gave me a bath. I was beyond upset. I was at her house crying. She drew a bath and sat me in it. Being cared for in this way was incredible.
In the past I have been the emotional caretaker. I no longer do that and it is time for me to learn to caretake me! You also have cared for so many. It is nice you are able to let others take care of you now.
Lavender is, for me too, a magical herb. Lavender's scent, like rose's scent, fills me with smiles.
Your times with lavender also adds to mine. I like that...the way when we share, our experiences become fuller.
Thank you for being on this beautiful walk..
"LOOK.... a dew drop!"
When we share we get to see everything.

Ziggywigs said...

How lovely to remember days gone by.

Q said...

Hi Ziggywigs,
Taking the time to play with me is very nice. As I have gotten older I have forgotten how much fun playing with my hair can be. Glad I had the dream to remind me!

smilnsigh said...

What a beautiful dream. -sigh-

If you know how you have such lovely dreams... please share your secret.

I never seem to remember lovely dreams.

I suppose this says something awful.

Maybe I should look more deeply into dreams... into having lovely ones...


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I think the years I spent writing my dreams down and honoring my dreams made a huge difference for me. I learn from my dreams and remember them easily.
I find being gentle with myself is the key. I give myself all the time and kindness I need.
Being kind to oneself makes for "lovely" dreams.
Be your own best friend.