Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today I celebrate the sun.

I have let the gardens go wild.
I am listening to the children play.
It is the Summer Solstice.
I am spending time in my sacred grove.
The Oak, the Ash and the Maple provide me with shade.
I have comfort on this hot summer day.


Sheila said...

To bathe in the light of that distant star, to rest under the sacred trees..there is not better way to observe the Solstice.
may all your summer wishes come true...

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Thank you so much!
At some point I may need to reclaim the gardens. I have sat and watched for so long now it seems.
Thank you for reminding me to make a Solstice wish. I had forgotten to have them.
I shall go outside now and wait for the fireflies and the first star and make my wish.
Thank you.

darcie4123 said...

it's been stormy all day here i wish it was sunny

Q said...

Happy Summer Darcie,
I like rainy days too!
The sun shining through the Oak tree was a treat, being solstice and all! I actually let the camera take the photo. I know better than to look at the sun through the lens!